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Choosing Turfgrass for Your Commercial Property in Joliet Illinois

Choosing Turfgrass for Your Commercial Property in Joliet Illinois

Although many business buildings in Joliet, Illinois, desire a lush green lawn for a professional outside image, selecting your grass is not always as easy as purchasing a bag of grass seed and hope it grows. The advantages and difficulties of the wide varieties of turfgrass accessible in Joliet, Illinois, vary.


Knowing what you want to accomplish with turfgrass at your commercial property – beyond a vivid green lawn – can help you choose the grass that suits your management capabilities, budget, and intended aesthetic.


How to Select the Best Grass for Your Lawn

Warm-season grass accounts for the vast bulk of grass seed sold in Joliet, Illinois. This grass grows best in high heat and low water circumstances in the spring, summer, and autumn then falls dormant temporarily in the winter. Because of the normal high temperatures in Joliet, Illinois, cool season grass does the reverse, rendering it unsuitable for most applications.


Other considerations to consider while choosing grass are as follows:


  • Soil Quality and Growing Conditions – You can identify which grass will grow best by examining the quantity of sunshine and water, soil composition, and pH. Bermudagrass can not tolerate shade and requires direct sunlight. St Augustine grass and Bermudagrass can withstand dryness, while centipede grass thrives on acidic soils with a high pH.
  • Upkeep Requirements – The quantity of mowing, fertilizing, aeration, and other maintenance required by grass vary by species. Centipedegrass is commonly seen to be the simplest to cultivate, although certain species of bermudagrass and zoysiagrass need more upkeep. Therefore you should preferably have a landscaping staff or a budget for expert lawn care at your business site.
  • Space Requirements – Some grasses, such as zoysiagrass, are more decorative and delicate. Others, such as bermudagrass, often used on sporting fields and golf courses, are suited for high traffic and rough usage.
  • Impression – Another significant consideration, particularly if you want to establish a professional appearance, is the appearance of your lawn. Bermudagrass has Centipedegrass has a thick, black blade that is lighter in color and medium in texture. Zoysiagrass has gorgeous growth that seems high-end, and St. Augustine grass is coarse and blue-green.


A landscaping and lawn care company is Joliet Tree Service. Business in Joliet, Illinois that has expertise with commercial landscaping and can help you choose the correct grass for your yard. We can utilize our knowledge to assist you in picking the best turfgrass for your business property and provide all the upkeep and care it needs to thrive and maintain your property looking professional. To get started, learn more about our commercial lawn care services.

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