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03 - before hiring stump grinding

4 Factors to Consider Before Hiring Stump Grinding Services

There are many reasons to cut down a tree on your property, but what should you do with the stump that remains once the tree is gone? Depending on the client’s preferences, stumps can either be fully eliminated or ground down.

1. Unwanted Pests May Find Refuge in Stumps

It takes some time for the remaining wood from a stump to decay and degrade. Ants, termites, beetles, and other pests that you don’t want in your yard are drawn to the rotting and decomposing matter. They’ll be drawn to the stump at first, but they’ll go on to other parts of your yard and perhaps even your house. If they spread to your home, you can have to pay a hefty pest treatment charge, especially if you have to deal with a termite invasion.

2. Stumps Can Occupy a Good Area

Because, let’s face it, stumps are ugly. They occupy precious space while they sit in your yard, and as they rot, they could also decrease the curb appeal of your home. If it’s a sizable stump, it’s taking up space where you could build a new outdoor living area or garden bed. When your grass is being mowed, for instance, even a small stump might cause problems. It adds even another challenge to overcome and complicates the task of mowing.

3. Dangerous for Unexpected Circumstances

Anyone running or strolling through your yard runs the risk of tripping over a stump. This may be extremely dangerous for kids and animals, especially if stinging insects like ants have already taken up residence in the stump. The insects and the residual wood’s abrasiveness may end up inflicting severe wounds. You can also be exposed to liability difficulties if visitors trip and fall on your property due to a stump. A stump on your
lawn could seriously harm a mower or edger while it is being mowed.

4. Stump Grinding Causes Less Damage than Removal

Total stump
removal necessitates digging up the stump and its roots, which is invasive. This might be disastrous for property owners who have septic tanks because roots may entwine with the drain field pipes. A skilled expert utilizes a stump grinding machine to turn the stump into a mountain of wood chips during the stump grinding procedure. Stump grinding can also be done in an environmentally beneficial way because the wood chips can be utilized as mulch. The roots will stay in the ground after grinding, but they will eventually rot.

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