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Landscape Seasonal Maintenance in Illinois

Landscape Seasonal Maintenance in Illinois

Aside from our clocks, many things change when the seasons change. Sure, an additional hour of sunshine or an extra hour of sleep has advantages and disadvantages, but how our habits alter is nothing compared to what happens in our yards. While modifications must be made from season to season, regardless of how short some may seem to be in Joliet, IL, caring for your lawn and landscaping as autumn and winter approaches are critical for the health and vibrancy of your flowerbeds, hedges, and grass. What you should be doing is listed below. Aware of regarding Fall seasonal landscaping upkeep.


Overseed Your Lawn

Whether your grass is brand-new or you are seeking to remedy barren places in your yard, overseeding in the fall months may yield several advantages come spring. It aids in erosion management in bare patches or on slopes, as well as helping to keep your grass green when it would otherwise be brown. The appropriate sort of Rye Grass will lessen the frequency of mowing required to keep it looking well-kept during the winter months.


Fertilize the Grass

Fertilizing your lawn in the autumn helps nourish it through the drier, colder months of the year. This supports and stimulates root development and preserves your lawn’s soil, and promotes faster green-up as the seasons shift toward springtime. This may be coupled with preemergent weed control to help reduce winter weeds in the grass.


Be sure to Rake or Mulch Leaves

When leaves fall from trees, they may block sunlight, depriving your lawn and other plants of water and nutrients. Mulching the leaves with your mower helps to recycle nutrients back into the soil and offers organic nutrients for the grass to use during the growing season. With accumulated leaves, it’s critical to rake, blow, or mulch leaves from/into the grass to keep your yard ahead of the weather as it changes.


Planting New Plants & Color

As the plants enter a more dormant stage of development in the fall, it is one of the greatest seasons to establish new plants or annual color (winter hardy kinds). This means less time spent watering all of your plantings and less stress on the plants from the summer heat. Plants will be at their lowest energy consumption condition from late autumn to winter, allowing them to concentrate on the most crucial aspect of new plantings, establishing roots. Rooting out over the winter months helps the plants acclimate to the soil conditions and get deeply established in preparation for the high heat of the summer.


Mulch Your Flowerbeds

Autumn is an excellent time to revitalize your flowerbeds by separating and transplanting overgrown perennials and replacing the worn-out mulch. Following a long, rainy summer in south Louisiana, fresh mulch might help insulate the shrubs, flowers, and other plants surrounding your house. Your mattresses will appear refreshed and provide warmth that will pay rewards to come spring.


Hydrangeas and Other Perennials

Remember, even though it’s tempting, don’t trim your perennials until late winter or early spring. People often believe that since perennials such as Hydrangeas and Lantanas shed their leaves, they must be trimmed back immediately. Doing so early in the autumn frequently results in significant root crown damage and, in extreme cases, plant mortality. Waiting until early March to early April allows the plant to bud out far higher up the branches than you would think, resulting in a fuller plant much earlier in the growth season. Hydrangeas blossom on last year’s growth (unless it’s a newer hybrid type), thus, cutting off the branches too soon may result in your Hydrangea not blooming.


These are just a few suggestions for caring for your lawn and landscaping as the seasons change. Entrusting these activities to an experienced, skilled landscaping consultant may make them even more relaxing. Joliet Tree Service has been maintaining Joliet, Illinois, green areas bright and healthy for years.

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