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Reasons Your Tree Needs to Be Removed Immediately!

Numerous advantages come with having trees on your property, such as offering shade on hot Joliet days. However, there are some circumstances where a tree needs to be cut down. In order to avoid the tree from harming your home, you might wish to remove a tree from your land if it is leaning in that direction. When a tree succumbs to a disease or insect infestation, you should also remove it to prevent the issue from spreading throughout your property. Additionally, if you see any cracks in the trunk of your tree, cut it down as soon as you can because it is probably unstable and might topple down. For more information on why you should remove your tree right away in any of these three circumstances, keep reading.

Slanting Towards Your House

It is recommended to start making plans to remove a tree from your property if it begins to lean toward your home. When the tree eventually starts to collapse, its branches and other components could perhaps damage your home. In the worst-case scenario, a storm could cause the tree itself to collapse onto your home. When a tree begins to lean while it is still developing, it typically indicates that the tree’s roots are having difficulty, which cannot always be fixed. Therefore, as soon as the tree begins to lean toward your property, it is advised that you remove it right away to prevent any serious harm.

Pest Infestation or Plant Disease

If your tree has been affected by a disease or has fallen victim to an insect infestation, there is another cause to remove it from your property. In some circumstances, you can apply fungicide to treat different diseases on your tree, but it’s best to remove the tree totally if the sickness has spread to most of it. This is because the illness can spread to neighboring trees on your property and finally kill the tree. Similar to tree infestations, insect infestations can also harm your tree if they aren’t treated quickly enough, and they can also spread to other trees on your property. To stop any diseases or insect infestations from spreading across your property, you should remove the tree in either situation if the problem cannot be fixed.

Cracks in the Trunk

Numerous factors, including lightning strikes, extreme weather, or even the tree growing too big or too quickly, can cause certain trees to break. You need to get rid of the tree from your property as soon as these cracks are discovered. This is due to the fact that unstable trees with fractured trunks run the risk of toppling down during a severe storm. You may avoid the risk of any cracked trees falling over and seriously damaging your property—or worse, hurting you or someone else—by having them removed.

Need a Tree Removed? Call Us, We Can Help You!

It’s time to contact someone to get your trees removed if you discover any of these problems with them. Our team of experts at Joliet Tree Service will make sure all tree limbs and trees fall to the ground securely to prevent harming your property. You may feel secure while we remove any hazardous trees from your property because we are completely licensed and insured. We provide property maintenance for homes in Joliet, Illinois. Call
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