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Storm Preparation for Trees

Storm Preparation for Trees

Joliet, Illinois residents are all too familiar with storm readiness. This is particularly valid in the months before hurricane season. Our team can assist you in making sure your house and the land around it are secure. We recognize that it may seem fairly intimidating, especially if you have a large number of trees on your property and possibly a few that you neglected to trim and prune over the year, leaving you feeling pressed for time.


The services provided by Joliet Tree Services can prepare your trees for the upcoming hurricane season. There are several actions you can do, so let’s go through a couple of them now. 


  • Tree trimming – Before a storm, it’s crucial to have the trees on your property trimmed or pruned, especially if this hasn’t been done in a while. Trimming reduces the chance that branches and other debris will be harmed or blown around during a storm. It can also help to lower the risk of the debris hitting your home or vehicle, causing even more damage.
  • Tree removal – Now is the ideal time to think about getting any trees on your property that are damaged, dangerous, or too close to the home, electrical lines, etc. removed before hurricane season begins. Whatever the reason, our knowledgeable staff has the heavy machinery required to swiftly and carefully remove trees ranging in size from small to huge.
  • Tree Elevations – All trees have a range of elevations that are ideal for their growth, health, and prosperity. It is better to take care of a tree that has to be elevated because it is overgrown before a significant storm hits. If you leave, there may be more harm done, and cleanup required. Always hire a skilled certified arborist and a seasoned tree service company to elevate your trees. A skilled crew can make sure the tree canopy is balanced; if it isn’t, a strong wind could actually uproot the tree, causing it to lean or even fall over.
  • Dead wooding – During a strong storm or hurricane, diseased, dying, and dead branches provide a considerable risk. The chance of substantial damage increases since the trees are already fragile because they are already damaged or dead. It’s possible to cause harm to both the tree and your house. Wind speeds during a hurricane can easily reach 50 to 100 mph, and depending on the category, much higher. You can stop a dead limb from hurtling towards your window at 80 mph by calling us and scheduling a time for the tree removal.


Storm Damage Avoidance

Make sure an ISA Certified Arborist is on staff before choosing a tree service firm for trimming, dead wooding, tree removal, or any other service. Joliet Tree Services has the skills, expertise, and resources necessary to finish the job correctly the first time.


If you want to prepare the trees on your personal or business property in Joliet, Illinois, or the other cities before hurricane season, get in touch with us right now.

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