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Top 6 New Lawn Trends You Should Know in 2023

If you own a house, an office, or any other property with a lawn, you understand how vital it is to take care of your grass to remain green and make your property seem significant. Some lawn owners do not care about the appearance of their lawn and so do not take care of it, but most individuals with a yard make an effort to take care of it–or this may be why they employ you. Even lawn owners who attempt to care for their grass may sometimes struggle to maintain it in good condition.

We are Joliet Tree Service Pros, and we specialize in irrigation and grass maintenance. We do not only attempt to educate lawn owners and contractors, but we also educate and provide high-quality supplies to irrigation specialists and landscapers who look after other people’s lawns.

If you own a property, there are several trends you should be aware of to properly care for your grass and maintain it free of weeds, bugs, spots, and other difficulties. Today, we would like to give six helpful hints on modern lawn care trends.

Battery Powered Mowers

Lawn maintenance is about becoming green, literally and metaphorically. Battery-powered push mowers are growing more popular, and since they do not need fuel, they are more ecologically friendly. They are ideal for smaller lawns since they can mow the whole yard simultaneously. Still, even for more significant properties, you can charge the battery halfway through while taking a break, and by the time you are ready to resume mowing, the charger will most likely have enough energy to finish the job!

Electric Ride-On Lawn Tractors

Ride-on lawnmowers have long been widespread and will continue to be so. On the other hand, electric lawn tractors are becoming increasingly prevalent and only cost approximately $1,000 more than traditional gas-powered tractors. These are ideal for more extensive lawns or anybody with a poor back, weak knees, or any other ailment that makes using a push mower problematic.

Natural Lawn Products

Fortunately for our earth, the global community is pushing for more ecologically friendly alternatives. Natural lawn goods, battery-powered tools, and electric cars are expected to be popular in 2023. Many lawn care solutions include harsh chemicals and other harmful substances; thus, natural options are being promoted more than ever.

The Green Garden Renaissance

In 2023, gardening will experience a type of revival. Many individuals use a green garden to line their lawns to give texture to their landscaping design and complement their grass’s green. The idea of cultivating gardens and lawns together is ageless and contributes to creating a quiet, pleasant outdoor scene. Making a green foliage garden will be enjoyable, and the results will be stunning.

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens are famous in the lawn care industry this year. Growing your veggies is a sustainable way of living that also uses your outside space well. Convert a patchy lawn area or a spot where grass won’t grow into a food garden! If it’s in the midst of the lawn, surround it with stones or a wooden frame. This will make the remainder of your property stand out more and use the patchy area well.

Water Conservative Irrigation Systems

Proper irrigation is one of the most crucial factors in achieving lush, green grass on your lawn. On the other hand, some sprinklers or irrigation devices may have wastewater. You will waste less water and maintain your property in terrific condition if you invest in a high-quality water-conserving irrigation system. In 2023, water-saving features will be widespread in irrigation products.

More Lawn Care Advice from Joliet Tree Service

The lawn care business is continuously changing as new technology becomes available and we learn more about the lawns we care for. Whether you are an irrigation contractor, a landscaper, or a lawn owner, the more you understand, The more you water and take care of your lawn, the healthier your grass will be. If you have any questions about these emerging trends, our irrigation products, or our online Joliet Tree Service, kindly contact us immediately. 

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