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Top Five Reasons For Stump Removal In Joliet, Illinois

Top Five Reasons For Stump Removal In Joliet, Illinois

The stump is all that’s left of that old tree. The thing is still sitting in your yard. Why? Most people don’t do it because they don’t want to deal with the trouble of taking it out.


In reality, leaving the stump in your yard can cause more trouble than taking it out. If you don’t believe that, take a look at the problems that your stump causes. Investing in stump grinding in Joliet, Illinois could help you avoid these problems:


  • A big stump (or even a small one) is hard to get around in the yard because it is easy to trip over it. Children who are playing can easily trip over the stump and get hurt. It also makes it harder to mow the lawn. With a tractor, you might hit it, and with a push mower, it might be hard to get around it. Why not get rid of this stump in Joliet, Illinois so it’s not in the way?
  • Lowers the value of a property: Think about which is more appealing: a house with pretty trees in bloom or a house with ugly tree stumps in the yard. The stumps in your yard make your house look less inviting and less well-kept. They don’t make the house look better from the outside. This can make your home less valuable. Stump grinding in Joliet, Illinois is especially important if you want to sell your home.
  • A tree stump is an eyesore that makes an otherwise well-kept lawn look bad. Landscape plans can be ruined by an ugly stump. When I look across your yard, I see this ugly stump instead of the pretty flower beds or perfectly cut grass. It makes it harder to take care of your yard and makes the area around it look less nice.
  • Did you know that a tree stump is a great place for insects to live? They love stumps of trees. Pests will be attracted to your yard if you leave one there. How many? Tree stumps are especially good places to find termites. If you don’t hire an arborist in Joliet, Illinois to get rid of your stump, these harmful insects can get into your home. Getting rid of the stump will help keep your yard, other plants, and living space safe.
  • New trees grow: If you leave the stump behind, you’re not really done with the tree. New growth can grow from the stump. New shoots can be hard to get rid of and give you more work to do in your yard. Before new trees can grow, you should call an arborist in Joliet, Illinois to remove the stump.

Don’t let a tree stump that looks bad take over your yard. It takes away from the look of your home and yard. It makes it harder to take care of the yard. In the end, it’s not something you should keep. Contact a trusted Joliet, Illinois arborist to get rid of a stump quickly and easily. With the help of a professional stump grinder, you can get rid of the ugly stump and all of its risks for good. Get in touch with Tree Man Inc. today to set up a time for tree service.

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