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04 - stump removal vs grinding

Which Is Better: Stump Grinding or Stump Removal?

When you need to get rid of a stump in Illinois, you’ll have two primary options: removal and grinding. There are some key distinctions to make, and ultimately, stump grinding is the superior choice, despite their superficial similarities. Because it doesn’t include digging up the stump and yanking out its roots, stump grinding has a smaller footprint on your property. When the stump is ground into wood chips, the resulting mulch can be used in other parts of the garden. Since stump grinding requires less time and effort than stump removal, it will also cost less. In the end, either method will accomplish the trick, but stump grinding is definitely the more time- and labor-saving option.

Tree Stump Grinding Requires Less Effort

Differences in labor intensity between stump grinding and removal are significant. Heaving the stump out of the ground is the first step in stump removal, but the tree’s roots will also need to be dug up and hauled away. Though the area is now clean of any obstructions, a large hole remains that will need to be filled before it can be put to any practical use.

In contrast, stump grinding is a rather noninvasive procedure. A specialized device may grind the stump down to wood chips, which can then be easily relocated. To avoid disturbing the soil around the stump, the roots are left in place to disintegrate naturally over time.

Mulch from Tree Grinding Can Be Reused for Gardening

The distinction between stump grinding and stump removal can also be seen in the final product. After having a stump removed, you will have a large hole in your landscaping to fill and a mound of roots to deal with. You can use the mulch you get from stump grinding in other parts of your yard. You’re in luck if you need to spruce up a flower bed or fill a fire pit with kindling. Grinding down a stump makes cleanup simpler and more practical, so it’s a win-win.

Stump Grinding is Less Costly than Full Stump Removal

Planning a landscape project can be expensive quickly, so it’s common to look for ways to cut costs whenever possible. The lower cost of stump grinding is due to the fact that it requires far less time and effort on the part of the service provider than does full stump removal. Stump grinding will be less expensive than comprehensive stump removal because of how quickly and easily the job can be accomplished. The winner is obvious for those who care about saving money.

Stump Grinding or Removal? We Offer Both!

At Joliet Tree Service, we are obsessed with trees to the point where we dream about them. Our number one priority is ensuring the longevity, safety, and security of your trees, and if that means eliminating a stump in the process, so be it. With our
stump grinding service, we’ll get rid of the stump completely while causing minimal damage to your property. 

If you wish to plant grass seed or landscaping plants in that spot, we’ll grind down the stump to about four or five inches below grade level, destroying the main rooting system. Joliet, Illinois and the surrounding areas, are all within reach for our services. Call us right away to book our expert stump grinding service and say goodbye to that unsightly stump in your yard for good!

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