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Why You Should Cut Down a Tree in Your Yard

There are a variety of reasons why trees on your property might need to be removed. Either they’re already dead or dying, or they might just need to be moved. Trees can be encroaching too closely to electrical lines, structures, or storage sheds. They might have been harmed by a storm as well.

Infection by insects, illness, and other factors can all affect trees. These trees can provide safety risks as well as unpleasant appearances when they start to die. The following are some causes for tree removal from residential and commercial properties.

Safety Risks for People

A disease that is attacking a tree can begin to kill off a portion of the tree or the entire tree. As a result, the tree dies or withers, and the dying parts of the tree become weaker. These rotting branches are vulnerable to breaking off and falling to the ground below, endangering the safety of everyone on your property.

A dead branch might easily fall and injure someone who could be standing below the tree, damage cars, or fall on power lines. Completely dead trees present considerably greater safety risks, especially if they are close to a building or commercial establishment. Dead trees could fall onto the building and harm occupants who are family, friends, or clients.

For these reasons, it is best to take preventative measures and cut down or remove dying or dead trees before they cause harm to someone or harm to a building on your land.

Diseased Trees Can Infect Other Trees (via Air or Water)

Numerous plant and tree diseases are easily transported by water or air. More of your trees will perish as a result of these diseases spreading to other trees on your land and attacking them.

As soon as a sick tree begins to exhibit symptoms, it should be removed to prevent the disease from spreading. It’s also crucial to trust a skilled expert, like Tim’s Tree Service, to perform the removal so that the disease is completely eradicated.

Possibility of Property Damage During Natural Disasters

As trees mature, their branches may occasionally extend too near a building. In most cases, these branches may be clipped back to keep them away from the structure. However, sometimes it is impossible to stop a tree’s growth. It is advised to have the tree totally removed in those situations.

The growth of branches too close to electrical lines may also pose a risk to public safety. A live power line being snapped by a tree branch would be dangerous since it would be on the ground and present an electrocution risk. It is better to have the tree pruned back or removed totally if branches are close to power lines.

We have a lot of rainy weather in our region of Florida, especially thunderstorms, tropical storms, and even hurricanes. The trees on our property frequently sustain damage from these storms that wash over the region. A tree must be removed if the damage is too severe to be repaired.

As A Necessity During Constructions Or Renovations

It could be required to cut down a nearby tree before construction starts when a property owner wishes to add on new development, like a new building or a workshop area. After the tree has been removed and the stump ground away, it will be simpler to construct the structure.

Depending on the landscape design and the plants being planted in the new bed, a tree may also need to be removed in order to make room for a new landscaping bed. It’s possible that the existing tree does not complement the intended setting.

Need Residential or Commercial Tree Removal?

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