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Winter Tree Pruning Tips From Your Expert Tree Trimmer In Joliet, Illinois

Winter Tree Pruning Tips From Your Expert Tree Trimmer In Joliet, Illinois

Most people think of gardening as something to do in the spring and summer. Even though this is the busiest time for planting, growing, and blooming, it is not the best time to trim trees. The best time to do this landscaping job is in the winter. When winter comes, you might want to hire a Joliet, Illinois tree trimming service to prune your trees so they look their best in the spring.


If you want to trim your own trees in Joliet, Illinois, use the tips below to make sure you do it right. Bad ways to trim can hurt your trees and cause them to grow in ways that don’t look good. If you want to trim your own trees this winter, make sure to use these professional techniques.


As was already said, the best time to trim trees is in the winter. Wait until the trees go to sleep, but don’t wait until the weather gets too bad. When winter first starts, prune. There are many good things about this time of year. First, when the tree’s leaves are gone, it’s easier to prune them because you can see the branches and how they are put together better. Second, plant diseases are less likely to spread. Third, insects are less likely to be drawn to the tree’s wounds after pruning.


To start trimming a tree in Joliet, Illinois, get rid of any branches that are dead or sick. Next, cut off any stems that grow from the base of the tree but don’t branch out. These “suckers” don’t grow into healthy parts of the body, so they should be cut off. Once these jobs are done, move on to cutting away branches that are touching or crossing each other. Start with the biggest and work your way down to the smallest.


It’s important to do this task right if you want to look nice and healthy. Don’t forget that the goal of tree trimming in Joliet, Illinois is to let more air through the branches and keep the tree’s natural shape. Take no more than a quarter of the tree down. Start in the middle of the tree and work your way out, thinning out the branches that are the thickest.


Don’t leave an open end or a stub. These lead to growth that isn’t healthy and can cause illness. To get rid of a branch you don’t want, cut it just above a bud. Try to pick one that faces outward so that the new growth will go toward the tree’s outside. This is one of the hardest steps for homeowners to remember since it is easier to just cut branches where they are most accessible. But if you take the time to do this right, the tree will be much healthier and look better for it.


Give your trees the care they need to do well this winter. Contact a professional tree trimmer in Joliet, Illinois, to make sure they get the best cut. Tree Man Inc. has professionals who can trim trees in a way that makes them look great. Contact us today for more tips on tree trimming in the winter or to set up a professional tree trimming service in Joliet, Illinois.

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