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05 - arborist vs tree surgeon

Difference Between Arborist & Tree Surgeon

There are numerous job options available to those who desire to work with trees. Tree surgeons and arborists are two professions that are sometimes confused but are actually fairly distinct from one another. Tree surgeons learn their trade on the job while arborists need a more formal education. Both positions require substantial tree-related expertise and experience, and depending on the company offering tree services, they may overlap.

Find out what an arborist and a tree surgeon are if you need tree work done on your property in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, or Lee County, Florida.

Why Become an Arborist?

Consider arborists to be more like tree doctors if you’re going to compare them to tree surgeons. In order to get certified in their area, arborists must complete substantial training, including:

  • Took courses on tree biology, tree growth, and many other topics
  • Has a protracted, demanding certification course with the International Society of Arboriculture
  • Passed the above program’s final test
  • Continued with related education to maintain certification

The arborist evaluates the tree’s health. The arborist can correctly identify the disease or insect infestation the tree is suffering from and develop a plan of action. They can frequently spot early symptoms of tree diseases before the disease fully takes hold of the tree. They are also the ones who, based on the type of tree and its surroundings, often suggest where a tree should be placed. In most cases, they will provide a tree surgeon their diagnosis and have them decide on the best course of action.

What a Tree Surgeon Does

An arborist may have more requirements than a tree surgeon, but a tree surgeon still needs a lot of experience and education to be genuinely effective. Tree surgeons must acquire the skills necessary to correctly trim and prune any type of tree.
Tree trimming and pruning is an exceedingly exact process that should only be carried out by a professional hand, much like a surgery on an animal or human. Experienced tree surgeons frequently work in challenging or dangerous conditions, thus it is not advisable to entrust this service to just anybody.

In addition to trimming and pruning trees, tree surgeons are also in charge of carefully removing trees. They are skilled at taking down trees without causing harm to other trees nearby or, worse still, colliding with a structure below. A tree surgeon may also do the following tasks:

  • Removes tree limbs from fading or dead trees
  • Cleans big tree debris after storm
  • Creates supports for inclined or leaning trees
  • Processes tree stumps
  • Manipulates tree formation or physique
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