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02 - why trim your trees

Tree Trimming: Is It Really Needed?

Trees on your property need regular upkeep to be healthy and appealing, just like your lawn and garden must. Trimming trees on a regular basis keeps them healthy, removes any risks, and boosts your home’s curb appeal and value.

Tree Pruning Maintains the Health of Your Trees

For the health and structural support of your trees, regular trimming is essential. By removing branches that are dead or decaying, proper pruning enhances the health of your trees. These branches compete with healthy branches and rob the rest of your tree’s nutrition. Nutrients like fertilizer, water, food, and light are distributed across the healthy and dead branches of your tree rather of feeding only the active, healthy parts of the tree. By removing these branches, you may reduce waste while giving your tree’s healthier branches more food and nutrients.

Additionally, trimming prevents your trees from growing broad or flimsy branches and enhances the overall structure and stability of your trees. By trimming your tree, you can avoid having limbs develop weak crotches, cross over one another, and leave holes in the bark. In the crown, branches battle for space and light when they grow out of control and cross each other. Your trees’ health will be much improved by trimming them because doing so will boost their exposure to sunlight and air circulation throughout the tree and the surrounding landscape.

Uncut Trees Create Safety Risks

Dangerous trees have low, overhanging branches. Your yard, driveway, and walkways have rogue branches hanging down, creating sharp impediments that people must avoid. Low branches can cause injuries, present tripping hazards, and present a serious risk to your family if they fall.

Additionally, poorly maintained trees pose a serious risk to your home. Mold, insects, and other illnesses can be found in dead and damaged branches. Unruly branches that hang over your home can jeopardize its structural integrity, and branches that scrape against it in strong winds can harm your home’s roof and siding. Large branches that hang over your home run the risk of falling into the roof, damaging your possessions or perhaps injuring people inside. Removing stray low-hanging branches lowers the possibility of injury to your family and property damage.

Well-Kept Trees Boost Curb Appeal & Property Value

Tree trimming benefits not just your trees but also the exterior of your home. Trimming back large, untidy trees improves your view, opens up your land, and increases the curb appeal of your home by allowing you to see more of your backyard. Your home’s curb appeal and thus its property worth are increased by a well-kept
landscape with shaped, properly-trimmed trees. On the other hand, a house with an untidy yard and dangerously neglected trees really loses value and is unsightly in general.

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